Müge Bilir

Müge Bilir is an industry leading tattoo artist from İstanbul as the creator of fine line name and symbol tattoos trend in Türkiye.

As she dedicated herself to tattooing back in 2015, she developed her signature elegant & flawless tattooing style in time, become globally well known and performed her tattoo art in many different countries.

While she was working as a tattoo artist globally and creating a loyal customer base including exclusive clients, she was also responsible of the management of her base studio in İstanbul, Mama's Boy Tattoo, one of the most popular tattoo studios in Türkiye

Drawing has always been a passion for Müge Bilir. As she satisfactorily completed the Department of Journalism in the Faculty of Communication and was a double major student in Department of Advertising, she also completed art based elective courses such as Art, Culture & Society, Movements in Art and Space in Visual Design. She continiously reflects her unique perspective of art & life into her works and customer care in an inseparable way.

Back in 2017, Müge Bilir illustrated a creative card game set named 'Öykü Fabrikası - Hikaye Üretme Kartlari' for the writing workshop place called ' Yaratici Yazarlik Atölyesi' in istanbul, Türkiye founded by the globally famous and awarded author Luset Cohen Fins. The card game set also has been sold at the most famous bookstore chain D&R in Türkiye.

In January 2024, Müge Bilir has been chosen as the ambassador of the global brand Nivea as a tattoo artist to held a social media campaign together in Türkiye.